How do we install so clean and tidy?

We make it our goal to install a water saving, high quality irrigation system without damaging your home. In most cases you won’t even see where we’ve been.

Here are a few examples of how we achieve this.

Above is a nature strip we irrigated. These photos are from the top a step by step guide to how we install and turf irrigation with such great results. Note the minimal damage to the turf and pathway.


Above is our new Red Roo walk behind trencher. We purchased this trencher because of the new track design that doesn’t skid and damage your turf or paths when trenching. It’s product’s like this that keep our clients happy.

Above is a property that has existing rock mulch. Note how we lay down protective matting on the paths and separate the mulch and soil. Next we install our pipe work and pop up sprinklers. Finally we back fill the soil, compact the trench to prevent sinkage and on goes the mulch. Clean and tidy with no damage.